Week One of Domestic Rehab- Confession Time…

There is no two ways about it; I can’t cook. To me, ‘proper’ cooking involves boiling up some pasta (see- there’s the cooking part) and bunging on a jar of Dolmio sauce. If feeling very adventurous, I might add some cheese on top. I have been known to serve fish fingers and chips when friends have come to dinner, and I don’t mean my children’s friends either.

I promised I would be honest with you, so I’m going to show you a typical weekly menu in my house. Please be gentle with me. I know it’s bad, but as with any Rehab, admitting there is a problem is the first stage to recovery.

Monday: Hamburgers at the local Fireworks

Tuesday: Pasta with Dolmio sauce (and maybe a sprinkling of cheese)

Wednesday: Puff Pastry Cheesy ‘Thing’ with veg – my 9 year old will make this, as she learnt how to at her school cookery club.

Thursday: Sausages, chips and beans

Friday: Bacon Pasta- pasta, petit pois, crème fraiche and bacon (an adaptation of a Jamie Oliver recipe which proved too taxing so I took out a few ingredients)

Saturday: Steak, chips and veg

Sunday: Roast Dinner- chicken, Aunt Bessie’s frozen potatoes and veg covered in Bisto gravy.

As you can see, there may be some scope for improvement. I grew up on processed food, and I was allowed to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I want things to be different for my children. I want them to see me cooking and, dare I say, enjoying it. I want them to go out into the big wide world able to cook nutritionally balanced meals that are freshly prepared. I just don’t know where to begin, so I’m asking for your help.

Each week I will host a Linky with a particular recipe theme, and I will choose one of the recipes to actually make and blog about the following week. This week, to really kick-start things, I’m asking for simple family meal recipes. There are 2 adults and three children aged 11, 9 and 3 to cater for. I don’t mind if they are meat or veggie, just as long as they are easy to do!

So please, help me on my journey. The linky is open until Monday 12th November, and I will choose a recipe to actually make on Tuesday 13th. If chosen, you may sport a ‘Recipe of the Week’ badge on your Blog if so desired, which I will provide. If you would like to add this badge (below) to you post or sidebar, I will tweet your recipe out to my lovely Twitter followers!

Domestic Disgrace Linky

Domestic Disgrace

So here we go everyone…week one of Domestic Rehab. Bring it on!

10 thoughts on “Week One of Domestic Rehab- Confession Time…

  1. I’ve been blogging a load of recipes from other bloggers to try and get my son to eat something vaguely nutritional, I feel your pain!! Have linked one from a friend in above (so other bloggers won’t link the same thing) Good luck!! I’ve found blogging them a really helpful helpful way to change our diet a bit :)

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  3. Ooo good linky idea! I’ve been looking for foodie linkys since starting my food blog up and not found many – though I am sure loads exist, I must admit I don’t see myself as a proper food blogger (as most things I cook are lazy!)

    Can thoroughly recommend Emily’s No cook fudge! YUMMY!

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