Some Confessions For The New Year…

A gorgeous sparkly new year always fills me with a sense of optimism and determination. This really is going to be the year that I go from Domestic Disgrace to Goddess.

My resolve was sealed today after a spontaneous invitation to a friends house for lunch. When inviting us, Emma said it wouldn’t be anything special, just some soup from the freezer. Honestly, it was a feast. Home made soup, crusty bread, cheese, ham, wine…just perfect.

But what was especially enlightening was how easy Emma made it all seem. I realized that there are so many reasons why I tend not to do spontaneous invitations. First of all, I never had anything to provide in a hurry, and cooking is a little daunting due to lack of skill. Secondly, my kitchen just isn’t organized enough for it. My drawers are full to bursting and I struggle to find what I need. When I open the cupboard containing cups, I move to the side to avoid being hit by a beaker or lid. My glasses are all smeared from the dishwasher and I don’t possess a water jug.

All this is going to change. They say the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem, so here goes. These are my kitchen cupboards in their current state:

You can see why it’s embarrassing having people round. I can’t lay my hands on what I need and have nothing to offer from my freezer except potato waffles and Fab lollies.

I want my house to be one that I’m proud of. One that’s geared up for spontaneous invitations. So, things are going to be changing around here. I’m about to embark on an intensive decluttering mission, and am hoping to end up with an organized, beautiful home.

Home magazines…form an orderly queue please.

And if your home could do with a little ‘reorganizing’, why not join me? We could motivate each other. I should warn you though. I do have a slightly competitive side…


3 thoughts on “Some Confessions For The New Year…

  1. Am I the only one that thinks your cereal cupboard is actually really quite tidy?! *blushes at my low cupboard organisational standards*

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