Shhh…My Secret Plan For When People Come To Dinner…

You may think that being a Domestic Disgrace means I shy away from having people round for dinner. It did, until I came up with a cunning plan. It’s genius, even if I do say so myself. I don’t cook, yet people go away thinking I’m some sort of culinary guru.

So here’s my secret. Cook. I don’t mean I cook, I mean the shop Cook. Their meals are handmade and frozen straight away, ready to fool others into thinking it is you that has just prepared the dish.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to becoming the perfect dinner host with absolutely no effort at all…

1. Buy the meals from Cook

2. Buy the baking tray from Cook, especially designed so that you pop out the frozen meal and place it in the tray.

3. Place side dishes in relevant cooking trays.

4. Note timings, bung in the oven.

5. Grab a few cooking ingredients from the cupboard and place on worktop to create the illusion that real cooking may have taken place.

6. Go to bathroom and ruffle hair a little to give impression that you have been so busy slaving over the meal that you haven’t had a chance to do your hair.

7. Sit and drink a glass of wine whilst waiting for guests to arrive.

8. When doorbell goes, hide said wine, open door, smile and humbly say ‘Thank you’ as the delicious aroma is noted.

9. Go to kitchen a few times to ‘check on dinner’ (sip even more wine).

10. Serve up and enjoy the appreciative comments.

Oh, and VERY important to the plan- hide the packaging.

Voila…how to fool people into thinking you are a Domestic Goddess in 10 easy steps. I do think about ‘real’ cooking each time.

After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

15 thoughts on “Shhh…My Secret Plan For When People Come To Dinner…

  1. We love COOK too! Couldn’t have lived without them in early pregnancy when i couldn’t face the thought of cooking anything and also when new baby arrived. Your post has reminded me of something funny that happened a few years ago with Cook – it would make a good wot so funee post – will have to remember to do that one day. x

    • Seriously Helen…it would be a pleasure to have you round for dinner! If you are ever in this neck of the woods, or just fancy a trip, come on over :) x

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