Domestic Disgrace Cooks Sausage Hotpot

Last week, I asked for some simple Family Meal recipes on my linky. All of the ones submitted looked delicious, but I’m ashamed to say my skills don’t stretch to some of them (yet…) Some of the ingredients or cooking methods are new to me, and I wanted to ease myself gently into this. Kate from Crafts On Sea suggested a sausage hotpot dish, and I decided to go for this one because a) I am familiar with all of the ingredients and b) it was a ‘bung everything in a dish and pop in the oven’ recipe. The only thing I hesitated over was chopping onions, but I referred to the picture on Kate’s blog to see how big the pieces should be. Continue reading

Think Your Car Is Messy? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…

My heart sinks whenever I make arrangements with someone and the deal is that I pick them up in my car. I always have to explain that my car is messy. This is usually met with sympathetic protests about how their car is untidy too. I smile a grateful smile, but at the back of my mind I know. Their car really isn’t going to be as messy as mine, or as stinky for that matter. Continue reading

Week One of Domestic Rehab- Confession Time…

There is no two ways about it; I can’t cook. To me, ‘proper’ cooking involves boiling up some pasta (see- there’s the cooking part) and bunging on a jar of Dolmio sauce. If feeling very adventurous, I might add some cheese on top. I have been known to serve fish fingers and chips when friends have come to dinner, and I don’t mean my children’s friends either. Continue reading

Welcome To Domestic Disgrace!

There’s something special about the first post on a new blog. It has the same feel as opening a new English book at primary school- clean, unspoilt and the potential for great things. Well, this is clean and unspoilt but the potential for great things is debatable.

This blog is more about a journey. I really am a domestic disgrace. I can’t cook, I use wonder web to stick on Brownie badges and I only clear out my car when we can’t fit in it any longer. But I’m on a mission; a mission to change. I want to learn how to cook, have an organized home and maybe learn to sew (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…) I’m sending myself to Domestic Rehab. Continue reading

So Who Is This Domestic Disgrace?

When I was little, I used to dream of my ideal little house with sparkly surfaces and the smell of freshly-baked cookies wafting from the kitchen. Instead, I find myself plunging from one domestic disaster to another.

Life is complicated by three children and a husband who thinks he is still a child. I also run two businesses from home and throw into the mix two hyperactive cats and you’ve got a recipe for home-making mayhem. My car smells, I never iron and my children think the smoke alarm is for letting them know dinner is nearly ready.

I’m on a mission to change. Little by little, I’m going to become a Domestic Goddess. I’ll know I’ve made it when the PTA ask me to run the refreshments stall. You can join me on my journey by following me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. I’ve made it nice and easy for you by popping some lovely follow buttons at the top right hand side of the page.

So welcome. Do stay and have a look around. This is the nearest thing to Domestic Rehab you’ll find…