My Decluttered Kitchen!

In my last post, I confessed to the awfulness of my kitchen. Fed up, and unable to look at it any longer, I set aside a day to embark on a massive decluttering operation. I emptied out cupboards, cleaned and ended up with six dustbins bags full of ‘stuff’ either to be taken to the tip, given to charity or to be recycled.

A few of the horrors I unearthed…

Goodness knows how long this onion had been in the cupboard…

Suggestions for what this may have been welcome!

Crisp anyone?!

I now have boxes for batteries, baskets for tools, a draw for baking equipment, my tins all face the front and even my glass cupboard demonstrates a tinge of OCD symmetry. Now, the awful drawer and cupboard in my last post looks like this:

A place for everything…

Not a stray crisp in sight!

Just to balance the awful pictures from earlier, here’s some lovely things to be found in my kitchen:

A special gift from a lovely friend

My Emma Bridgewater cups. Only to be used on special occasions!

So that’s my kitchen sorted. For now. My next mission is to train my family to put things back in their correct place.

A task easier said than done…

7 thoughts on “My Decluttered Kitchen!

  1. Well done you for all of your hard work, that must have been no easy task mustering up the enthusiasm to tackle your whole kitchen. Looking very lovely :) x

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