My Daughter’s Homework Reveals Another Disgrace…

My daughter happily did her homework this week. It was to write a perfect paragraph about her favourite hobby. Belle chose to write about baking:

Oh the shame. Not a mention of me in there. Her Godmother’s daughter and my friend, Laura taught her to bake. Belle likes nothing more than to bake. My only assistance has been purchasing the boxed mixes with everything you need except water. She has clearly outgrown these.

So am I going to let this get me down? Ooooh no. This has made me more determined than ever. I am going to make my daughter proud of me. My inner Domestic Goddess is rising to the challenge.

For the time being though, I’m off to buy a ‘home-made’ cake and plop it on a plate ready for when she returns from school. Oh, she will be so proud!


4 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Homework Reveals Another Disgrace…

    • Thank you! I’m focussing on main meals at the moment, but will be progressing to ‘proper baking’ soon, ans will bear rock cakes in mind! :)

  1. I reckon my daughter wouldn’t mention me either in anything domestic – she almost faints whenever I suggest we bake cakes, which is very rare I might add!

    Good luck with future baking projects – you will make your daughter proud!

    CJ x

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