Fishy Recipes!

First of all, thank you to those who offered chicken recipes last week. There are some great ones there, and I’ve even learnt what it means to sautee something! I’ve written my list of ingredients for the chosen recipe and will be giving it a try tomorrow…

This week, I’m keen to have some fish recipes. Please don’t suggest buying a ‘proper’ fish with it’s eyes still in; I just couldn’t cope with that. I’m after ways to cook fish, maybe with a sauce on. My children either eat fish fingers or those microwaveable cod in butter sauce offerings. But that’s all going to change with your help Ladies and Gentlemen.

So, you know the deal. Please leave a recipe below in the linky and I will choose one to cook and blog about next week. If you are new to the blog, please bear in mind that I am a complete beginner, so you may need to leave a little explanation for me if there are any ‘technical’ terms in the recipe! If you fancy grabbing the badge for your post or sidebar, the code is below.

And in other news…My wardrobe door fell off this morning due to the weight of the clothes thrown in at the bottom…


6 thoughts on “Fishy Recipes!

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  2. Fish fingers is the only way my kids will eat fish. That or fish cakes.
    Was going to write you a recipe but no fish in freezer so no pics but Cod in Tomato sauce is simple.

    Buy Cod (filletts of – Morrisons even do bits)
    Make tomato sauce – chop onion (or use whizzy chopper thing as am not allowed to use knives, add to pan with a little oil, fry gently, add tomatoes (tin), add herbs (as many as you want), you can also add other veg (eg mushrooms). Let sauce thicken – bubble it for about 10-15 mins (remembering to stir.)
    Put in cod – cook until nearly falling apart (or gone an opaque white-like essex girl thick tights) and serve with microwaveable rice



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