Easy Chicken Recipes Wanted For Domestic Disgrace!

Last week, I introduced you to my blog and gave you a glimpse into my life as a Domestic Disgrace. Tomorrow I will be cooking one of the recipes suggested to me in the Family Meal Linky. As long as I can actually cook it, I have a funny feeling it’s going to become a firm family favourite!

This week, I would love you to link up some EASY chicken dishes. All of the family like chicken, but I either simply roast it or cover in a jar of something gloopy. As you may have gathered, I am very limited in my ability to cook so please don’t be surprised if I ask what an ingredient is, or what a technical term means. Because of the recipes added last week and the patient bloggers that responded to my questions, I now know what it means to ‘reduce’ something. I also know that gnocchi can be found in the pasta section of the supermarket and is something made from potato.

Come on, educate me. Please link up your simple chicken dishes below, and I will choose one to try out and blog about next week. A lovely ‘Recipe of the Week’ badge is up for grabs if I select yours to try (if you want it, of course!)

To show that you are helping this Domestic Disgrace out, you can grab this badge code for your blog post or sidebar, and I’ll tweet your recipe out to my lovely Twitter followers.

Domestic Disgrace Linky

Domestic Disgrace
So come on fabulous cooks- show me what to do with chicken!


6 thoughts on “Easy Chicken Recipes Wanted For Domestic Disgrace!

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  2. I had a thought too about chicken, easy chicken – really easy chicken! Have you tried ‘chicken in a bag’? The ones I have on standby are the Maggi ones, the garlic one is lovely, but a lot of companies do them now, even some supermarkets have own label ones.

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