Domestic Disgrace Cooks Mummy Barrow’s Chicken Thing…

Last week I asked for chicken recipes, as we tend to eat chicken either plain roasted or accompanied by a thick gloopy sauce out of a tin. I had some lovely entries which I have bookmarked, but the one that really made my eyes light up was Mummy Barrow’s Chicken Thing. Why did it particularly catch my attention? Because the lovely lady uses words such as ‘sling’ and ‘shove’ in the instructions. This I can relate to!

I gathered my ingredients, which was actually a victory in itself because I had to return to the shop after filling the car with Pizza and other ‘meals’ I am accustomed to producing. I completely forgot about ‘real’ cooking, so dragged Mini through the rain to pick up the chicken, creme fraiche and paprika needed for this recipe.

Believe it or not, I don’t actually own a frying pan. I did have one but managed to burn something on it. Instead of a frying pan, I opted for a saucepan and added the chicken. After cooking for a while I added Paprika. Via Twitter, Mummy Barrow tried her best to encourage me to go for it and bung in loads. Fearful of this new addition to the cupboard, I erred on the side of caution and added a quarter of the jar.

After mixing with the chicken, I added the tub of creme fraiche…

Again, I had to improvise a little with equipment and used a square baking thing rather then a casserole dish. I popped it in the oven for 40 minutes at 180°C and voila:

On Mummy Barrow’s recommendation, I served with Uncle Ben’s Microwaveable rice. My family are still getting used to this Goddess emerging and my husband exclaimed ‘Wow, have you been cooking again.’ ‘Indeed I have.’

So what did the family think? Well, it went down very quickly and I was asked for more, so I’ve made a mental note to make slightly more next time. I should have trusted Mummy Barrow more though because Belle thought I could have added more ‘flavour’ to the sauce. Next time, the whole tub is going in!

Thank you very much Mummy Barrow for showing me how to be a little adventurous with chicken!

This week, I’m looking for fishy recipes so if you have an easy one, please do link it up. Who knows, maybe I’ll be trying your dish next week!

5 thoughts on “Domestic Disgrace Cooks Mummy Barrow’s Chicken Thing…

  1. Fabulous!!! So pleased your family all enjoyed it. Full credit has to go to Mr B though, as my blog suggests, this is his dish and when he does it properly with brown rice and veg it is something else. But mine certainly ticks the “need something simple and quick” NOW :-)

    Love that you don’t have a frying pan!

  2. I cannot tell a lie (here). It belongs to Mary Berry, at least that’s where I saw it. It is in the nature of recipes for them to be shared, adopted, adapted, but this was hers.
    Only a proper cooking person could come up with this. Hungarian Smoked Paprika is good if you can find it.

    You can also chuck some over the mixed in sauce to give it some colour in the oven….

    My other 5 minute recipe is spaghetti carbonara which looks way better than it should. My brother’s version has unfortunately passed away with him :-(

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