Decluttering, Ikea and a Touch of OCD…

I resolved at the beginning of the year that 2013 was going to be the year that I decluttered and sorted the house out. After tackling the kitchen, I decided the girls room should be next. Mini and Belle have shared a room for years and their shelves ended up looking like this:

As you can probably tell, it was very difficult for the girls to actually get anything out. As I seem to have been honoured with the role of chief tidier in our house, I can’t even actually blame the children. Yes, I shoved things in like that. I’m pretty sure I have just a mild touch of OCD which comes out every now and then like a crazed, caged animal, attacks everything it can get it’s hands on. The workers at the local tip know me now and say ‘hello’.

As Belle now has her own room, we needed to have a sort out and my goodness what a sort out it was. The shelves now look like this:

I think you will agree, they are much better. This has been a half term full of play as the girls have rediscovered ‘lost toys’. And me? I’ve rediscovered my inner OCD and love for all things Ikea.

If it’s not pinned down it’s at risk of being decluttered at the moment. As Anthea Turner once said:

‘If it’s not beautiful, sentimental or useful, get rid of it.’ 

I wonder if the same applies to people?

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