Challenge Me!

During my journey from Domestic Disgrace to Goddess, I will be asking for monthly challenges. This scares me slightly as I’m not sure what you lovely people might suggest I do!

I really am domestically challenged. My Mother-In-Law despairs of me and reminds me of this on a regular basis. The other day my friend told me she had chutney on the stove, with a smile on her face, knowing this was a completely alien concept to me. I told her ”Just you wait…by the end of the year, I’ll be making chutney of my own.” Even her son laughed. You see, I’m known around these parts for my domestic inadequacies.

With your help, this is all going to change. I’m looking for a challenge to do within the next month. It could be something like learning to make cake pops, learning to use a sewing machine or anything you feel would be fun to see me blog about. Oh yes, there will be evidence of my attempt at the end of the month.

So come on, hit me with them! I’ll put ideas out to vote once I’ve filtered out the extremes and impossibilities.

Just be gentle with me please. I’m only little and ever slightly nervous…

11 thoughts on “Challenge Me!

  1. I’ll be making home make Christmas themed chocolates, truffles and biscuits with my son this year – I’ve not done this since making them with my own Mum 35 years ago. Fancy having a go too?

  2. I have a few suggestions that you might enjoy conquering!

    - Make mince pies with homemade pastry (I have a wonderful recipe and could explain it all step by step), or

    - Sew on a brownie badge (without wonderweb), or

    - Make some xmassy biscuits or *whispers* a gingerbread house!

  3. Just followed your link from the Food Bloggers Network on Facebook and I love the idea behind your blog. If you need some easy to follow recipes, I usually put almost step-by-step photos on mine. My Soft White Loaf recipe is a doddle, if you want to start with bread. Or if you want to pretend to get fancy, there are a couple of quick bread options that don’t use use yeast, only baking powder as the rising agent. Oh, and anyone can make a great muffin! Search for Quick Bread Breakfast Muffins. You will be impressing family and neighbors in no time!

  4. Clearing out the kitchen cupboards might be a good starting challenge.

    Or how about spending a romantic evening with your husband?

    Although if you do the first one you might not feel like the second one.

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