Easy Pasta Dishes Please!

For those that are new to this blog, I am attempting to turn from Domestic Disgrace to Domestic Goddess in a year. Part of my journey involves learning to cook. I am quite proud of my accomplishments so far, having learnt to cook a chicken dish without a gloopy sauce and sausage hotpot. It did become apparent last week that I have a distinct lack of necessary equipment, so I will be asking Father Christmas for a frying pan and casserole dish this year. I’m sure as I go on, I will discover more and more things to add to the list. Continue reading

Domestic Disgrace Cooks Mummy Barrow’s Chicken Thing…

Last week I asked for chicken recipes, as we tend to eat chicken either plain roasted or accompanied by a thick gloopy sauce out of a tin. I had some lovely entries which I have bookmarked, but the one that really made my eyes light up was Mummy Barrow’s Chicken Thing. Why did it particularly catch my attention? Because the lovely lady uses words such as ‘sling’ and ‘shove’ in the instructions. This I can relate to! Continue reading

Domestic Disgrace Cooks Sausage Hotpot

Last week, I asked for some simple Family Meal recipes on my linky. All of the ones submitted looked delicious, but I’m ashamed to say my skills don’t stretch to some of them (yet…) Some of the ingredients or cooking methods are new to me, and I wanted to ease myself gently into this. Kate from Crafts On Sea suggested a sausage hotpot dish, and I decided to go for this one because a) I am familiar with all of the ingredients and b) it was a ‘bung everything in a dish and pop in the oven’ recipe. The only thing I hesitated over was chopping onions, but I referred to the picture on Kate’s blog to see how big the pieces should be. Continue reading

Week One of Domestic Rehab- Confession Time…

There is no two ways about it; I can’t cook. To me, ‘proper’ cooking involves boiling up some pasta (see- there’s the cooking part) and bunging on a jar of Dolmio sauce. If feeling very adventurous, I might add some cheese on top. I have been known to serve fish fingers and chips when friends have come to dinner, and I don’t mean my children’s friends either. Continue reading